Mandy Len Catron’s piece in the NYTimes today interrupted my list of things to do with a focused curiosity that delightfully sucked up half-an-hour drilling down on the author and the questions.
And Mandy’s blog

My problem is often the opposite, how to break up. Although Mandy touches on How to fall out of love, this whole idea is one for which I haven’t found many words yet. I do believe in new love among we ancients. I also flatter myself that as a mature adult with understanding of loneliness and loss, I owe those I’ve fallen for, a decent after-life from the thrills of our beginning. But I’m no good at that. I want it clean and done. I’m mute of explanations or even trite polite phrases. And like many guilts in life, I wring my figurative angst and meditate on a poor job done.

Tell your publisher Mandy, you’ve got a loyal crowd following you already. Can’t wait for your book.